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Job Posting Policy


**Violators are immediately suspended from posting job ads**

We appreciate your continued support on our free job posting service. Unfortunately, you may have experienced that the items you posted are always getting deleted. As much as we want to retain your postings, we would also like to make our site very informative and clean. In this regard, we are imposing a policy to prevent job posts deletions.

  • Unless it is an Acronym, avoid using all CAPITAL letters specially on Job Title and Company Name.
  • Put your Advertisement in the right Category. It will be much easier for Job Seekers to find your vacancies.
  • Enter the Job Title only. Extra words like "Looking for a job", "Urgent", "Hiring", or the Location, or the Salary etc. is strictly prohibited.
  • City must be indicated always. Large number of visitors are searching for jobs by City.
  • Company Name should contain no other than the Company name alone. Location is set on the City option and not here.
  • Do not post a generic Job Description and just change the Job Title for every other posts. It will count as a duplicate and therefore be considered as Spamming.
  • Be very informative about the Job Description. We recommend the following format:
    1. Company Information
    2. Qualification or Compentency
    3. Responsibilities
    4. Offer/Benefits/Packages
    5. (optional) Steps for applying
    6. (optional) other relevant information such as, office schedule and address
  • NEVER SPAM! Do not post a Job Advertisement multiple times in a day. Please be informed that Spamming (specially duplicates) will decrease the chance of your Job Ads to appear on Search Engines (e.g. Google and Yahoo) and therefore decrease the chance that you will be able to reach your targeted audience or job seeker.

Rationale: This is to optimize our website contents --your job posts-- to search engines hence this is for your own benefit. Let us help each other to be more visible on the web because large amount of people visiting our website are coming from the search engines like Google and Yahoo. Please also inform all your recruiters or job encoders to follow this policy.

Please read also our:
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  2. Privacy Policy
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